About Us

About Milwaukee Railroad Shops

Our company is one of the most unique companies around. We have been able to help direct people to find some of the best shops along the railroad. The Milwaukee railroad is one of the coolest railroads in the area and we have been able to create tons of shops. Our shops have every single thing you could possibly think of. If you need to travel in the area we suggest checking out some of the shops that we have opened up along the railroad.


If you want to find that perfect souvenir then we highly suggest that you look at one of the stores that we have along the rail road. If you stop at any stop, chances are really good that we have a shop that is ready for you to look into. Don’t spend time in some of the other shops because you aren’t going to find nearly the deals we have at our stores. We have tons of good deals and different things that you can purchase for the whole family. Chances are good you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for when you stop in. Railroads may be going under but we have been able to continue our legacy this long and we plan to keep our shops going as long as possible. We are going to keep making new stores and expanding along railroads that aren’t on the Milwaukee rail road. But if you are in the area, come and check us out today.